Mengalami sendiri perbedaan waktu yang cukup signifikan antara UK dan Indonesia menyadarkanku tentang banyak sekali hal. Selisih 7 jam membuat otakku terkadang masih sering berpikir, “Di Indonesia jam berapa sekarang ya?” Read more


Menakar Diri


Rasa-rasanya baru kemarin aku berkunjung ke Lampung untuk menghadiri RAKERNAS dimana aku resmi dilantik menjadi bagian dari Kepengurusan Keluarga Mahasiswa Nahdlatul Ulama (KMNU) Nasional periode 2016-2017, namun ternyata bulan ini sudah akan berlangsung MUNAS III yang itu berarti bahwa masa kepengurusanku akan segera berakhir. Read more

2017 New Year’s Eve

15802025_1882466135367617_1470382122505076736_nActually, I had no plan to go out during this New Year’s Eve, but instead of doing nothing in the flat, I finally hung out with friends just to know how the night looked like in London. I didn’t buy a particular ticket to get access to the best spot to enjoy the firework. Thus, my friends and I wandered around to be able to get the free spot and still be able to see the firework sparkling in the London’s evening sky.

Living for 25 years in Indonesia gave me the picture how people enjoy the last night of December in every year. Compared to Indonesia, there are some points I noticed about New Year’s Eve of London. Read more

2016 Reflection


He has allowed me to keep walking through this year. There were a lot of moments I experienced so far and each of which was giving me so much lesson.

One thing that until now I can’t sometimes believe is I am finally here to study, in the city 7000+ miles apart from my hometown. During the process, I met with many people who directly or indirectly supported me to keep going; my family, my office colleagues, my friends from school and university, LPDP, PK-67, and many more, including you spending time reading this writings. I somehow believe that this is not because of my genius nor skills, but it happens solely because of His mercy.
Read more

Living in the UK: Cuisine Matter

For a moment, I looked at my calendar, “It is 9 November 2016”. I looked around, “Well, I am no longer in the land where I was born”.

For more than one month I have been here, London, UK. Many things I have obtained so far, new friends, new experiences, new culture, new time zone, and so forth. At some points, I am still striving to get used to it, but at the others, Alhamdulillah, I have been quite familiar. Read more

When A Social Scientist Does Something for the Nation

A few days ago, I watched some video showing many international achievements of Indonesian young generations, such as the winner of international physics competition, the founder of a new math function, the architectural designer of the important building in other countries, and many more. We, as Indonesians, were certainly proud of all those attainments. At least we had a bargaining position across the world! Read more

Ketika Catatan Amal Diangkat

Sebagaimana kita ketahui, setiap dari kita memiliki buku catatan amal atas semua perbuatan yang kita lakukan. Pada waktu-waktu tertentu, buku itu akan dibawa naik oleh malaikat untuk dilaporkan kepada Allah swt. Laporan buku catatan amal selama setahun akan diserahkan pada setiap malam nisfu sya’ban. Laporan buku catatan amal selama seminggu akan diserahkan pada setiap hari Kamis. Sedangkan untuk laporan buku catatan amal selama satu hari, akan diserahkan pada setiap sore hari menjelang maghrib. Read more